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Between work and everything you have at home—you don’t have time to be sick, much less visit a doctor.

Big Tree saves you time and money by letting you take care of your health care on your own time and with the assistance of technology. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s affordable. Big Tree Medical Home is a direct primary care medical practice in Columbia, Missouri. We bring cutting-edge primary care ideas to solve the healthcare crisis in mid-Missouri. Our mission is to save our patients and businesses money on their healthcare bill while providing top-notch care.


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Big Tree Medical Virtual Clinic is a direct primary care virtual clinic that works with individuals and health plans to find solutions for health care in an attempt to create a low cost, high quality health care experience for individual patients.

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When compared side-by-side, it’s clear why Big Tree is the clear WINNER every time.

We bundle care into affordable packages. Rather than pay for a doctors visit, labs, and medications at 3 separate businesses, we charge one price. We are trying to keep prices as low as possible, so when price matters, we chose a cheaper price with the goal of getting the best care possible for a reasonable price. The traditional system has been designed to not take price into consideration.

Does all this sound a bit too good to be true?

Ask some of our 5,000 patients…

Big Tree Medical Home is a group of medical professionals who like to think of ourselves as people who enjoy helping our patients by hacking the health care system. You can call us health care hackers, or …doctors and nurses. We all went in to health care because we wanted to help people get better, not because we enjoyed “the system.” We are simply leveraging modern technology to help patients that have little access to care. Founded in Columbia, Missouri, but now working throughout the U.S. we work with individuals, small groups, small businesses and large businesses to provide solutions for their health care dilemmas. We believe that some access to good care at a fair price is better than no access to great care at a high price.

I am beyond impressed with the quality of care Big Tree has to offer. They truly go above and beyond to provide top notch service to their patients, their level of medical knowledge is astonishing, and being under their care plan has saved me so much money this winter. Don’t think twice and sign up now!

– Samantha

Spectacular service amazing health professionals and lab tests included for zero extra dollars! I would recommend to everyone but then they would get too busy soooo only Some of you should go and love it like I do! Lol

– Kent

I needed an appointment right away and they were able to get me on the same day! It was a painless process to enroll as a new patient. Honestly, the hands-down best experience I’ve had in a long time. Everyone was super nice and down to earth. I love that I was able to send a text/email and they responded so quickly. I can’t say enough about it, I was so pleased!

– Jackie

I have been paying $1200 per month for family insurance as a self-employed individual, with a 12k deductible. When my premiums rose to $1400/month this year, I decided it was not financially responsible to continue.

My first visit, I got a maintenance medication for 1/4 of what my prescription copay would have been with BCBS -(less than a dollar today) and a “sick visit” medication for less than $2.00. Yearly lab-work stuff is going to be $20. This place is the solution to a broken system.

– Vicky

I felt it was very easy to talk with the [Doctor] and tell her my issues without being judged. The cost is cheaper than when I had insurance!

– Vickie

Meet the Team

Our team of highly qualified and experienced healthcare providers are friendly and available to you at the touch of a button.