About Big Tree

Big Tree Medical Home is a group of medical professionals who like to think of ourselves as people who enjoy helping our patients by hacking the health care system. You can call us health care hackers, or …doctors and nurses. We all went into health care because we wanted to help people get better, not because we enjoyed “the system.” We are simply leveraging modern technology to help patients that have little access to care.

From our home base in Columbia, Missouri we work with individuals, small groups, small businesses, and large businesses to provide solutions for their health care dilemmas.

We believe that some access to good care at a fair price is better than no access to great care at a high price. Or at least that people should be able to choose which of those two options they want to pay for with full knowledge of what they are getting. 20% of working Missourians are uninsured and 50% of them have a chronic medical condition. We are trying to help them get access to affordable care. Our full site can be found here with info on how we provide a comprehensive medical home (including live patient visits as needed) in our home office in Columbia and our mobile clinics. You can read some news coverage here and here. We work with a local radio station and you can hear some more info here on their podcast. If you are uninsured and are interested in a low-cost alternative that includes the Big Tree Unlimited membership at no additional cost, check out our solution in connection with Shared Health Alliance and Sedera, a health sharing plan, here. With this solution, individual plans start at around $230/month and family plans at around $625/month.