Traditional Healthcare VS Big Tree Virtual Care

How does the Big Tree Solutions program compare to the traditional health care system? Well to start, there are a lot more similarities than differences. In both systems you meet with a doctor, fill out forms to help speed the process and are prescribed medicines. In both systems, someone pays money to compensate for the health care system for the care.

Big Tree believes, however, that we can do better. We believe that health care can be “relational” (in that you get care from a real person that you come to trust) and “affordable” (in that you can get fairly advanced care for chronic disease for a price that nearly everyone can afford, even without insurance). While we recognize that if each patient pays in $1,000/month a few patients will be able to afford to get very advanced care, we also see that such a system has created hundreds of thousands of working people in the US that functionally have no access to chronic disease care.