How It Works

Big Tree Solutions is a virtual clinic (telemedicine) that helps provide access to treatment for a reasonable cost. We have integrated a modern clinic, a telemedicine platform and pharmacy (in some states). We establish a doctor-patient relationship and provide appropriate medical examination via video chat. We use various medical professionals to act as a “medical concierge.”  This person holds your hand through the entire health system, not just your interactions with Big Tree.  In this way, we try to be your home for everything medical, even if we have to do it virtually. If we are unable to care for the disease process that a patient is dealing with via video, the patient is not charged.

We are currently live in 42 states.

Each patient visits our signup portal where they put in their credit card data.  This is billed at the end of each month  They are then contacted by their personal medical concierge, who helps them install an app by which they will both communicate with their health care team and video chat with their doctor.

We set up an appointment with a doctor within a few hours usually.  If medically appropriate, the patient can be prescribed medications. We send you a coupon from our pharmacy app that will allow you to get your medicine for a fraction of their regular cost. We do not prescribe any narcotics through this platform. Follow up is done via video or text messaging as medically appropriate.

We do not bill insurance for any of these services. This is not health insurance. We will explain in detail what services are covered by your monthly payment. Big Tree can at any time explain why your care no longer satisfies our criteria for telemedicine direct a patient to receive care elsewhere.

Big Tree Medical Home is a direct primary care clinic that works with individuals and health plans to find solutions for health care in an attempt to create a low cost, high-quality health care experience for individual patients.  Patients can cancel at any time after the 3rd month.  Each Big Tree care provider is an independent licensed clinician in the patient’s state of origin.