Want to get your chronic medical condition treated right from your smart-phone?

  1. Register online.  Fill out a medical history form.

  2. Video chat with your medical expert who can diagnose and prescribe as appropriate.

  3. Use our app to get discount medication prices (typically 20% cheaper than apps like GoodRx).




Have you seen those new websites popping up selling ED meds direct to consumers? We can do that too. Fill out our contact form and we will email you to set up a time to chat online with a doctor. If appropriate, a white envelope will arrive at your door with all your other online shopping stuff in a couple of days.


Our weight loss pathway will work for anyone who is ready to drop the extra pounds and start feeling better.

We combine dietary advice, an exercise program and medications to help patients lose weight.  We typically prescribe phentermine or topiramate to help suppress appetite, allowing patients to stay on a very low calorie diet.  Your body is designed to make sure you don’t lose weight, but medicine can stack the deck in your favor.  If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 30 (or 28 with certain medical conditions), you qualify.  Calculate your BMI here.

Our weight loss program costs $44/month. You can cancel any time.*


  • one pack of birth control pills shipped to your house monthly
  • annual check in visit with your care team
  • typical prescription is the generic equivalent to Ortho Tri Cyclen or Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo.


These issues are hard enough without trying to figure out how to get into the doctor’s office. And then try to pay for the medications…

Our virtual mental health program is designed specifically to use medication to treat common mental health needs. Our program may not be the best fit for you. Many conditions can be treated by a counselor without the use of medications. Many patients need more advanced care from a psychiatrist.

However, for a majority of patients with the most common mental health needs, simple and cheap medications can make a world of difference.

And since over 95% of counties in Missouri don’t have adequate mental health providers, we think the below pathways can help thousands of people. At your first (free) visit, we will help you understand your mental health needs and which pathway is right for you. If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, a suicide the national suicide helpline is available at 1-800-273-8255. Unfortunately, we are unable to treat ADD via this platform. In-person treatment can be obtained through our physical clinic at Big Tree Medical Home.  This pathway can also be used to treat chronic pain.  We do not prescribe opioids.


We break diabetes care down into three care pathway levels. Your health care team will help you choose the level that is appropriate for you. Diabetes care is very complex and for uninsured patients, very, very expensive. This is a new program, which we are using to make an attempt to care for the estimated 200,000 uninsured diabetics in the state of Missouri. We expect this program to evolve.

Each Care Pathway monthly price includes:

  • every 3 month virtual visits
  • hemoglobin A1c tests every 3-6 months
  • the pathway medications (except insulin which costs an additional $25-$99/month).
  • diabetes education and supplies for home foot testing
  • additional care recommended but not provided in price: annual eye exam.