For $44/month, this comprehensive program provides individuals with following:

  • Unlimited visits via video, text message and email
  • 24-7 access to their care team, including after hours care
  • Over 150 medications available at wholesale cost
  • Discount lab prices (over 90% off most labs)
  • Care coordination (acting as the quarterback of your health care team)
  • Medical weight loss, medical smoking cessation, mental health care
  • Primary care based acute and chronic disease management
  • Comprehensive Wellness Program 


$44 / Month

Conditions treated at this level

acute conditions (UTI, sinusitis), chronic conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure) and mental health (depression, anxiety).


Most antibiotics, blood pressure medications, mental health medications, cholesterol medications, birth control and diabetes medications are available at wholesale cost.

Virtual Clinic Visits

all necessary doctor visits (video chat)

Cost estimate for similar service at a local health care organization

$3,000 to $5,000/yr

$44 / Month


Many patients may benefit from being on this plan rather than combining several care pathways. Individuals on this plan pay our cost for medications, supplies and shipping.  Businesses using this plan for more than 1 employee get free medications and free shipping.  Adding this to a business’ self funded health plan is often free to the business as the reinsurance carrier will lower their costs by the cost of the program.  Other businesses have benefited by raising the deductible level of their plan and adding Big Tree as the foundation for common issues.


How does this work for a business?

Big Tree Virtual Medical Home makes an excellent employee benefit.  We like to work inside an insurance plan of some kind, but work with many employers who use Big Tree as the sole employee benefit.  Though Big Tree cannot provide many aspects of the health care system, we typically believe that we can provide about 80% of the care a person will need in a given year.  Not bad for $44/month.  And as you could imagine, insurance plans that include Big Tree are way less expensive than ones that don’t.  We can certainly help you set up a plan that is significantly less expensive than regular insurance.  For more information, email

What if my health condition requires a physical exam?

Fortunately, few medical conditions require an in person exam.  But some do.  Some coughs need to be evaluated with a lung exam.  Some rashes need to be touched.  Like any Telehealth medical provider, we may recommend that you seek local care.

Is talking to your team as good as going to the Mayo Clinic or some other fancy health system?

Yes and no. In the end, everyone treats diabetes and depression with the same few medications. From a diagnostics perspective, I wish everyone could get care from the top internists at Mayo. Unfortunately, that is not possible. Countries must either ration health care by price or by making you stand in line (Uwe Reinhardt, if I remember right). Our country rations by price. The more you pay, the better your care, and, there are no cheaper options. We are just trying to leverage mobile technology, mid-level providers and generic medications to help lower the cost of care. If you are a multi-millionaire, then head up to Mayo and buy your medications at Walgreens. Or we can prescribe you the same exact medication for a much cheaper price. An insurance broker compares this to buying Busch beer at a Cardinals game or at a gas station across the street from the stadium. Same beer. Different price.

Are the medicines and supplies from foreign countries?

We use the same FDA approved suppliers as any use pharmacy would use. Though it is legal for individual patients to buy up to 90 days of medicine from out of the country (like you can do at, it is not legal for us to purchase medications that are not approved by the FDA. This is all legit.

Who are your doctors and nurses?

Adam Wheeler M.D. is the attending physician, who designs the programs and oversees several assistant physicians. Helena Galstian M.D., Megan Ellis R.N., and Noe Rusaya help patients apply the care pathways. Though this is a new idea, our team has coordinated care for thousands of people in many complex and diverse environments.